April 20, 2010

Bots spotted, homes a flutter!

Legs are a little sore. Nice long workout today! I'm pondering getting another one of those fancy Bissell Spotbot carpet cleaners (had one, but it just stopped squirting! Ha!), yet… perhaps a slave with a little soap and brush might be just as effective!

Met a fella online a few weeks ago, and looks like we'll be meeting up for a little scratch and sniff. We've been spending hours on the horn, as it were. He's just a few miles away, big house on big acreage. Ms Thang likes a boy with a little financial clout! Got cash? *hehe

Speaking of which, I'm going to visit a few houses on the market tomorrow. Mistress is considering settling down into her own home soon. Been in a rental far too long! Lovely neighborhood, awesome neighbors, but when I think of the money I've given My landlords, and how they drag their feet on repairs… I'd just rather have My own home and get the repairs done Myself.

I have one slave who calls from the great state of Texas – he's owned by a lesbian Mistress (they've been together many years), who lets him indulge in phone calls with Me occasionally. The guy's quite wealthy. Bought her a house, and bought Mistress' girlfriend a house as well!

Something about that sounds very appealing! The loyalty and trust between them… I seek this.

Pondering a little wild roleplay tonight…

April 6, 2010

Sniff This!

Did anyone see CSI this weekend with Lawrence Fishburne (My, he's gotten a little plump!) The title of the show was, "The Panty Sniffer" - and brought Me many thoughts of you, dear ones. I remember one character going on about the aroma of a woman being distinct as a wine, with subtle nuances that many could not appreciate. And yet again, Mistress waits for a character on a mainstream show, who's a fetishist, BDSM enthusiast... and is written in a sympathetic or positive light.

Not all panty sniffers are murderers, hm?

Actually I have no data or studies on this. I assume.

Weather has been playing multiple personality this past week or two. Several days of chill and rain, with one or two days that POP with sunlight. I have to study the weather reports and pre plan My outdoor workouts!

A few dancing opportunities this weekend. Might have to go to all of them!