May 31, 2008

Disappearing May

Holy shit, how did that happen, Mistress hasn't published a blog article in 1.5 weeks! As a rule I do try to get My posts in within a week or so of the last one. Anticipation does many times amplify the experience though... :)

It's early Saturday, overcast, the sun is coming up. I rather like the overcast days, especially when the summer gets here. Easier for running weather, biking, and the like. My minions do know how Mistress loves keeping her muscles nice and firm!

I think it's time for this vampire grrl to get a bit of sleep. One of my slaves kept me up for a good long spell. And fell asleep on Me. My faithful ones know too - Mistress never hangs up (unless you're a complete asshat, then you get hung up on and blocked! hehe). So this little piggy? paid me for a good hour of his snore time! Always makes a grrl smile!

May 20, 2008

Mistress notes

Hello slavelettes and subs, It's Tuesday and I'm presently putting off a workout. Go figure! I've been a bit busy this past week and not as available for phones as I'd like. One thing that helps me immensely when things are busy, is a Niteflirt email from slaves who are hankering for Mistress, and seem to have a hard time getting ahold of me. I check Niteflirt email daily, and will get back to you as soon as Mistress can!

Getting a new set of dumbbells soon, had to go up to the next set size because I've maxed out my 24 lb adjustable ones! I don't want much more lifting weight, just a little room to increase weight. My arms are looking sooo good. Firm and toned. Makes for a very firm spanking hand!! hehe

It's humid and rainy today in my town. Kind of makes me feel like nestling in and taking a little nap.

May 12, 2008

Pumped Fresh

Ah yes, another weekend draws to a close. Wee hours of Monday morning, and I had a wonderful weekend. Good weather, good workouts, and a few bad boys!! hehe

A new little client came along My way this weekend, amateur bodybuilder and all. He asked Me to take him through his first domination session ever, and indeed, I did pop his BDSM cherry. The sound of his voice was husky, and somewhat unclear, as we went through the deeds he'd need for me. I need My boys naked when we session alone, and on their knees. This way, I get a clear view of all My pretty little toy!

We slithered around his skinned form, while he put on a performance for My eyes only. This boy did like to show off his bits, and I gather he rather liked his body. He works hard for it after all! I love slaves that know bodybuilding, know what makes their body firm, their heart race fast. All that flesh and blood just thumping for one more breath -

Still watching My slave in My mind's eye, while he licks his own lips, freshly moist with new viscosities. 'Til our next entry...

May 3, 2008

Pulling the thread

While doing my upper body weights this evening, I needed a little oomph, a lil somethin' somethin' to give pumping iron a little push. Ended up digging out of the pile of ole VHS tapes a copy of Janet Jackson's self titled CD, which came on the scene back in the mid 1990s.

The only reason I even bought this VHS was for the video IF. Seen it?

Janet Jackson - If (link to youtube)

There's more BDSM gender bending transvestite homoerotic imagery in this video than I can even track.... The video opens as dozens of men drop from the ceiling, each of them hog tied at the end of a rope, and oh so only for Mistress Janet. Thick sultry lighting, throbbing red and black pulses. And the dance moves. Voyeurism, androgyny, feminine dominance... ahhh....

I need to update my Wishlist to include this video on DVD ! You can tell a lot about me as a Woman and Mistress by watching this video. It speaks volumes.

Alright sweet ones, I’m logged in and ready to listen to your whispers. A client just spoke 5 hours with Me (lucky bastard) and I’ve opened the lines back up for a chat. Let’s see who nibbles!