December 29, 2009

Restless sucking

Alright, it's too fucking cold out and I'm resenting it.

I'm feeling pent up and chilly since this cold front hit, and I'm restless. A bit like a caged animal. Do you like hiking in 29 degree F weather? Helll no…

The only upside to enjoying a forest or park in this weather? You own the land. No one else wants to be out there freezing their nuts off, so you get the whole place to yourself, typically.

(can you guess which one is Me?)

And today's saving grace, is a Pomegranate Tootsie Pop that I brought back from Seattle. I'm sucking on it, even as I type. Was visiting Seattle for the holidays, and stuffed a few of these in my leather jacket pocket, at the insistence of an older family friend.

Something about a candy dish with hard candy in it, and a grey haired friend with and many stories and laughs, makes me feel nostalgic, and loved.

Ah, there I've found it. The warmth I was seeking. Guess it only took a few moments of reflection, hm?

December 23, 2009

Naked head

We're so close, aren't we? Just days away from the presents, the family, and oh god the lovely warmth and anxiety our kin can bring. I let it sneak up on Me, act like I'm really not concerned, then Christmas Eve, I'm sentimental and sappy.

And here's a strange trend - I heard recently that winter is death's favorite season. Something along the lines of people being 4 times more likely to die during the holiday season.

Ho fucking Ho, eh?

I considered a long hike today, while listening to a podcast of Marc Maron (comedian,, however it looks like it's barely going to bust 40 degrees F, and you know what? It's fucking Christmas. Exercise is overrated.

Today's unusual fetish call came from a young man who craved feminization. But wait, there's more. He wants to be a bald woman. We talked for nearly 30 minutes about shaving his head, using scissors, then his Norelco triple blade, then topping it off with a nice Nair treatment. Perhaps a layer of Coco Butter, before of course drugging him, and letting him wake up tied down, under a pink canopy bed, with double D breast implants.

I'd create images of the breasts, the nipples, his sweet nether regions, but the thing that made this boy moan and whimper the loudest? Shaving off that noggin of his.

Ah, My sweet little freaks, bless you.

December 12, 2009

Ho Ho Sale - $1.98, aint that great?

I'm in the mood for love... simply because you're near Me...

Here's a weekend sale that might last, depending on My mood! $1.98 a minute, on My top 5 listings. Bring it on!!