July 31, 2011

Frisk and feel

With the warm sun bronzing my skin, and the beauty of nature on My hikes, Mistress is feeling frisky! I've been dreaming about country men, cowboys and ranch hands. Something about all the tackle, tools of their trade, makes Me intimately curious.

The boys with the butchy trades, masculine and strong, are so much sweeter when they submit. Just love all that muscle and strength kneeling with lowered head, offering Me everything they've got.

Let's have phone sex on Niteflirt! Just know, the only one spreading wide to say AAAH... will be YOU, dear slave! ~giggle

July 6, 2011

Seducing from the stage

Glorious summer day outside! I’ve been getting over a little cold these past few days, yet am feeling the need for a little dirt and nature, under My hiking boots. Or… perhaps YOU under the tread of My firm foot? Haha!

Went out last night with a close friend and her new lover (his band mate came along too). Open mic night at a local restaurant, and the crowd was light. The warm weather and recent July 4th holiday, may have had people staying in for the eve. We listened to the men’s song, and cheered them on (but of course!).

The night was still fresh, and we wanted MORE! Out again to a dive bike bar, for karaoke night. Again a small crowd, ah but a mic, and a dance floor. Each of us had our turn on the stage, and at one point, I had the dance floor full, and had the first crowd ovation. I shit you not!!
Mistress still has a few kicks left… heheh!

And speaking of getting a little out of control... Do you get WILD in bed? It’s sometimes smart to drape a nice, darkly colored set of sheets, over the sacred bed chamber. Dan Savage has said this many times on his podcasts. When it’s getting down and dirty on the sheets, make sure you’ve got a dark umber or deep blue shade going. These colors forgive the dirtiest of sins.

You’ll never guess who just added a few sets of deep dark sheets to her wishlist? ~ giggle ~

And the link - http://amzn.com/w/UOWNA8YHJ0R6 ... Dare ya!

My shoulders are oh so tight, longing for strong slow silken fingers, to soothe the beast inside...