February 27, 2007

Just when you thought you knew it all...

Along comes a boy like David. I was considering a bit of sleep, and as chance would have it, a southern boy gives me a ring. Another one of the small dick boys, you know the drill. A bump that is embarrassingly small, and a boy that's been laughed out of bed a dozen times or more. He's a complex one, several fetishes all wrapped up in one little mind. *Just* my type!

Turns out he's had some very mean mistresses in his past (yay!). The type that would leave you in chastity for months at time, only to offer you release... in front of a group of women, and ONLY if you fucked... the date they'd chosen for you. The vinyl girl, much like Woody Allen's oggling above. Can you just TASTE the wave of humiliation, as it escaped his pores? The sheer trauma of it all?

Apparently this made an impression on little Marilyn (his sissyish name), because the boy is now in possession of 6 different vinyl grrls. Redheads, brunettes, a few black girls to boot!

Now I lay me down to sleep, girls of vinyl sure do squeek..... Sleep pretty!

February 23, 2007

Friday night, where's YOUR vagina?

This past week the Vagina Monologues has taken the world by storm, as it does, every year this time. This particular year was my 4th in attendance, 3 as an audience member, and one as an actress!

All that erotic, sensual power, mixed with pain and joy, dancing in dozens of women! All wearing black, gyrating, celebrating, and proudly singing, "This IS my vagina!! Here me roar!".

I *always* leave Vagina Monologues turned on! Of *particular* interest to me was, "The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy"... a monologue in which a dominatrix discusses the details of her career and her love of giving women pleasure. I was SO thinking of my sissy girls, the boys dressed up in silk and stockings, remembering how deeply I'm satisfied by their moans and gasps!

It is your grunts and moans, those whimpering gasps, the ones that tell me you're not quite satisfied yet, that keep me coming back to this line of work! Thank you sissy grrls! Thank you!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to find this particular monologue, and the next time we chat, give me your thoughts on the content.

Nipple twists and spankings - M Ruby

February 8, 2007

Barbells and micro men

This mistress has been slacking a bit this midweek, as I will tend to do. You bois keep me so busy on the weekends, I have to get my R & R at some point!

I'm starting to feel a bit frisky, haven't had much time for good dancing at a hot dance club. Need to make that happen!

I've been pondering getting one of those barbell sets that adjusts every few pounds, I think Bowflex has a set? Sometimes I just can't get to the gym when they're open, yet like the flexibility to work out when I please. Such is the life of a nightowl. I want to get my "guns" nice and toned. Might need them for training later...

There are a few small c*ck boys out there I've been feeling particularly sad for. Even had one send me a photo of his tiniest pecker this week. He's become a cuckold you see, since his girl just ... well she married the boy, before actually checking the goods, and now she's stuck with a thing that doesn't really do the job. Figures. I'm glad she's empowered enough to put him in his place, let him know indeed, she IS fucking others, and cuckie's good enough to clean her up after. I suppose that is *something*. :)

Get strapped in for the weekend, I'll be logged in quite a bit! And you know how dissapointed I get when you forget to bring props! Ice, clothing pins, booze, dildos, should do for a start. Or at least your pecker and your hand. I *know* you won't forget to bring those two when you call!!! haha