February 24, 2010

Just the Flax, Ma'am

The weather this past week was so lovely, I got a good 10 miles of hiking, in it! Oh glorious warmth!

And today, grudging My ass out the door for a 5 mile walk with a buddy of mine, well, it's going less swimmingly. It's important to keep My head crushing thighs tight, although this overcast bullshit weather, just ain't right!

In other news….

My recent conversion of dietary fixation is raw flax seed with My meals. Oh yummy Omega-3s swimming in My veins… It might be a placebo effect, yet this week while grinding My groove on these sweet little seeds, My body's felt a bit more smooth, chipper. I felt some kind of OOMPH with each little tablespoon of golden goodness. Thanks to the slave who bought Me the ultra fancy coffee grinder, that I've converted to a supplement slusher!

Oh – sidebar – flax seeds do not crush gently into that good night, with a standard mortar and pestle. Gotta get the blades out!

I'm being tutored by a Master I've much esteem for, and recent studies, at My request, are wrestling maneuvers. I've got a live submissive slave who gets ultra aroused by a strong girl, crushing him under her half nelsons…

I'll, keep you posted.

February 5, 2010

Psst... I'm in the mood to - bump a BUCK off My normal rate! Think this Valentine's bug is catching (oh!)... Over in Niteflirt land, I'm charging $1.98 a minute, on My top 5 rated listings there! How 'bout that!?

February 2, 2010

Smart boy on sabbatical

After a fairly glorious weekend of sun, we've entered into the overcast blah zone this week. Lots of rain and grey darkness during the day. Mistress likes sun on her skin, more than mist.

I've been sad about losing Conan O'Brien for late night company, in between talking with the likes of you. He's such a zany man, and intelligent. I've started researching the boy since he and NBC said farewell. His father a doctor at Harvard, his mother a lawyer, he himself a valedictorian and a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard.

You know what boys with big brains do to Me… *purr….

Granted his awkward redness and pale skin do distract, but I think he'd be a tolerable playmate. Don't you?

Come back soon Conan. Many of us miss you.