December 31, 2011

Newest Year Noodle

The New Year is just inches away from Me, on this dark humid night, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Knowing there are so many slaves out there, yearning for submission, aching for the sting of My hand, gives a secret thrill.

I just spent a few hours chatting with a boy, deep in the California wilderness. He’s a bit of a lumberjack (he says) and has many flannel shirts, for working in the cold. I’ve sent him to town for booze, so he can come back home to his house on the lake, charge up his debit card, and slowly get drunk, while I get him drunker….

Boys who slide into intoxication, at My urging? Are very easy to manipulate… ooh, I am a scoundrel.

I’m pondering writing Part 2, about My evening with Lisbeth and Christina (you know, from My last blog entry below?). Part of Me thinks the details might be best, kept to Myself. I saw many things that night that were fresh and new (along with insertables that would make any Mistress blush). OH MY – SIDENOTE - I just found out that the newest version of Microsoft Word, has a standard dictionary which does NOT RECOGNIZE the word – INSERTABLE. Maybe MS Word’s dictionary is a little phobic, about things going inside it? heehee

What say you, reader? Are you interested in a second part to the Lisbeth/Christina evening, started in the last blog? Write Me at Niteflirt, let Me know your verdict. If I get 5 readers saying, “YES MORE!” to My debauchery with Lisbeth the lean, and Christina the raven haired…. I’ll do it!

Best to you – Mistress Ruby licious

November 19, 2011

The Inferno has started...

It’s a cold winter day, and I’ve been mulling a few thoughts around, about a recent experience I had. This chilly winter morning is the day that I dish!

A dear friend of Mine, Mistress and sweet Dominant, had a private party recently that was very much a success. I arrived after visiting early with a few vanilla friends, playing cards, having dinner. I remember sliding on my leather jacket to leave a bit early, followed by protests and curiosity. The evasive, oh getting together with a few friends, sufficed. We all balance that, yes? This group of early evening friends, a particularly devote clan, would have been left with minds blown away, had I told them the truth.

“Oh, heading to a BDSM play party for a little hard fun.” Yes. I’ll keep that answer tucked away. The more honest, yet perhaps the less kind, for others that just can’t assimilate such things.

I arrived an hour after the long evening started. Massage tables scattered in living & dining rooms. New people, in various stays of clothing. Several folks that I’d feel quite fine having a cup of coffee with, however wouldn’t approach session or nudity with. And then… I met Christina and Lisbeth.

These two had travelled just as far to be here. Those of us who live outside major metropolitan areas get used to driving an hour or two to gather with other likeminded kinksters.

Christina is a raven haired trans lady, with French nails, sparkles on the tips. Striking blue eyes. Lisbeth was crawling on the couch I found them on. Her fuchsia Mohawk mingled well with the tattoos travelling her skin. I’ve heard others refer to Lisbeth as a tornado of energy, and I’d have to agree. Fascinating, playful, and later I’d find, a warrior of a Dominant.

Stay tuned for the rest dear readers. It’s worth the wait...

October 27, 2011

Kneeling night ahead

Happy Hallow’s Eve, kinky boys! I’m still deciding what shindig to go to this weekend. You got spooky plans? I might just drop in here and there, then land at the party I *really* want to spend My time at.

Mistress likes to workout… actually let Me rephrase that. Mistress likes her body in check, firm, and ready to snap, so I must workout. Keeping the instrument of your destruction strong and supple, is a necessity.

Today I was jonesing for something a little different. A Grrl gets bored (in more ways than one) and needs a few options. So, I slid out a big black tape from the dusty VHS collection, and clicked Play.

I was rewarded with - the right choice, babydolls! I need to use that tape more often. Halfway into sweating and hip hop dance moves (okay I admit it!) the phone rang.
And yes, it was you. You know which one you are.

This man, I’ll call chris, is married and looking for a little candy, on the side. His trick or treat was, THIS sweetness has a bite! I grabbed ahold of his mind, he mumbled about feeling a bit fuzzy, confused, like he was being seduced, yet rock hard with the sound of My voice…

chris was lulled into capture, exploited and yes, taken advantage of. Tributes, edging, and when I finally let him blow? He was forced to utter such humiliating things (giggle)!

I smiled after we finished, took a few notes on the slave, and went back to finish My workout. Gave a little lift to My high kicks!

I need you closer, I need to inspect you – on My terms, only. Your voice is the start, then we’ll get to the matter -

September 30, 2011

Brit Blues

What is it about the Blues that can get a Grrl to groovin’ – stumbled on PBS, with Hugh Laurie (you know, famous Brit, star of the series House), meandering around New Orleans. Mr. Laurie has a side I hadn’t anticipated = gifted blues boy. He gives a concert in the special, “Let Them Talk” with heavyweights in the music scene (including THE Tom Jones). He slowly drawls out James Booker tunes, and a very many others.

Inspiring. I want to creep out in the darkness tonight, and find some speak easy somewhere in the Pac Northwest, where My body resides. Yeah, fat chance.

My sleep patterns have been wonky as usual, thus if you’re jonesing for Me, drop a note on Niteflirt. That, I check daily, a few times. I log in a few hours a day for My amusement and your edification.

Last night chatted with a fella very much into a lot of light pain. We got him zippered up about the balls, 8 clothing pins pinched tight on the nethers, while nipples and nostrils also got the grip. He made such delicious noise, a moaner and a grunter that one. Almost melodramatic I’d say. Still smiling thinking of his hour of torture and eventual ruined orgasm.

I might need to write a book about these moments with the likes of you. Calling Me for FemDom phone sex might be just what you need, and My faithfuls know, you’ll be the one getting fucked. Mentally, and if I’m in the mood, we’ll find something long and stiff to shove up your –

August 28, 2011

Warm summer night, candles and fire

Oh, Mistress is feeling a little bit foggy today! After last night, my state is deserved!

I visited a decadent couple in a nearby town (well, an hour’s drive away). They were having a brew party, celebrating homemade spirits. I’m not much of a drinker, but DAMN these Grrls can brew some yummy beer! They even have a full size kegorator with 4 spouts! Pale ale, or dark stout anyone?

There were huge trays of watermelon, tangelos, oooh and the cucumber salad crunched, tasting so silky. Sausage, Challah bread, Port Salut and and Brie cheese, oooh Mistress is going to be working out tonight!! It all tasted yummy and I knew I’d have a price to pay, which means a few more minutes of sweating this evening.

Their guest bedroom held a secret surprise – the bed was dressed in black and red, covered with more leather than I’ve seen in one place, in a very long time! Leather corsets, chaps, the sensual strings dangling from bindings. You could just fall into the pile and be wrapped in a leather cocoon.

You’d be lucky to count these juicy ladies as friends. That, and they throw a fab party!

Okay, enough of the glowing exuberance… *clears throat* Back to our dark business… Slaves, it’ a hot summer night, a bit humid on the East Coast (I’m thinking of your safety this weekend, in wake of Hurricane Irene). Mistress will be logged in today for a good spell, and I’m eager to distract you from your day to days. Bring it, precious…

July 31, 2011

Frisk and feel

With the warm sun bronzing my skin, and the beauty of nature on My hikes, Mistress is feeling frisky! I've been dreaming about country men, cowboys and ranch hands. Something about all the tackle, tools of their trade, makes Me intimately curious.

The boys with the butchy trades, masculine and strong, are so much sweeter when they submit. Just love all that muscle and strength kneeling with lowered head, offering Me everything they've got.

Let's have phone sex on Niteflirt! Just know, the only one spreading wide to say AAAH... will be YOU, dear slave! ~giggle

July 6, 2011

Seducing from the stage

Glorious summer day outside! I’ve been getting over a little cold these past few days, yet am feeling the need for a little dirt and nature, under My hiking boots. Or… perhaps YOU under the tread of My firm foot? Haha!

Went out last night with a close friend and her new lover (his band mate came along too). Open mic night at a local restaurant, and the crowd was light. The warm weather and recent July 4th holiday, may have had people staying in for the eve. We listened to the men’s song, and cheered them on (but of course!).

The night was still fresh, and we wanted MORE! Out again to a dive bike bar, for karaoke night. Again a small crowd, ah but a mic, and a dance floor. Each of us had our turn on the stage, and at one point, I had the dance floor full, and had the first crowd ovation. I shit you not!!
Mistress still has a few kicks left… heheh!

And speaking of getting a little out of control... Do you get WILD in bed? It’s sometimes smart to drape a nice, darkly colored set of sheets, over the sacred bed chamber. Dan Savage has said this many times on his podcasts. When it’s getting down and dirty on the sheets, make sure you’ve got a dark umber or deep blue shade going. These colors forgive the dirtiest of sins.

You’ll never guess who just added a few sets of deep dark sheets to her wishlist? ~ giggle ~

And the link - ... Dare ya!

My shoulders are oh so tight, longing for strong slow silken fingers, to soothe the beast inside...

June 9, 2011

Resting Mistress

Mistress must face a conundrum today. Create an entry here, a scenario that would seduce the best of boys into a lengthy session of erotic play... or tell you the truth about why I've been unavailable this week. Let's try truth.

Mistress is very sick this week. I've come down with an impressively strong throat cold that makes it difficult for Me to even chat on the phone for 10 minutes of time. Usually a course of herbs, rest and plenty of tea, nips this kind of thing in the bug.

Yet a little strain of nasties has set up camp in this bod, and is taking it's time leaving. Kind of like house guests who stay too long, and aren't picking up cues that it's time to skedaddle. Here I've been arrogantly hiking 5 miles, dancing all night, step aerobics, all in the past week. Pushing My body hard because it's felt so luscious to do so. I'm starting to get more tone and stamina, and the sun is coming. My flesh will feel its warmth this summer!

It's times like this when your soothing submission would be very welcome. Making My tea, drawing My bath, brushing My long hair, while I nodded off in rest. I've been to the doctor, and have a round of those anti-bio-tics, which typically nips the nasties within a day or two. Haven't needed to take such things for years, which I guess is a good thing.

One thing ailing health can offer is a time for contemplation and rest. I am such a strong woman and forget that I can be weak, and health is a lucky thing. If you'd like to baby/pamper Mistress while she's healing? I've added a few "baby" Target gift cards to My Amazon wishlist, which helps Me get teas, bath salts, etc. Also tributes on Niteflirt are always welcome.

You will be with Me soon, little ones. Be ready!

May 16, 2011


I'm getting ready to go out for a very long walk. Had a 6 mile hike this weekend deep in the forest. Even had a chance to hike up some steep narrow trails and see waterfalls, slugs, amazing trees...

You get far enough into a forest, and things can be done, without witnesses.

Thoughts turn to Maggie Gyllenhaal dressed in dark black, tied to a towering tree, while getting fucked good and hard by James Spader. See the movie "Secretary" - and you'll get a chance to see it yourself.

I've been working with a slave over the past few years, and boy was he chatty this weekend. He came to Me yearning for hypnotic seduction, and I gave it to him, cooked well and hot. He's given Me thousands of dollars, tributes, gifts, hours of time on the phone. I've taken him to places new and bold, while he transitioned through very difficult times. He's a fresh widower, and lonely.

What I enjoy about our time is that we have a few modes together. When we have our late night sessions, he brings a full bottle of bourbon, plenty of time, and his credit card (we make use of it slow and sure, little bits at a time). I've dressed him in silk panties, slid stockings on his legs. He'd never done this before, and it was delicious.

Our sessions are long, and expensive. Sometimes he calls Me while running errands, getting a smoke at work, because he misses Me, and craves contact, even if we don't have time to get him fucked up and used.

G.F.E. as a bonus.

With the right boy? This works. He has to be attentive and seek My preference. I also have to like them :)

Wonder if, I'd like you...

April 30, 2011

Poetic tips

I'm thinking of a particular boy today, a quizzical little thing. He's a shy one. Sends occasional tributes, just for the chance to read My blog. Something about My words, the twang, makes this small sub perk up, tingle and shine.

He introduced himself as a curious follower, yet after a few many emails, I instructed him to value My time more directly. He took to training well, and while he's not My most profitable? His weekly latte tips bring a slight smile to Me.

Mistress is pleased. Perhaps not shaking the earth, but a slight smile, earned.

I was feeling frisky today, with the weather gets warmer, and I had such thoughts about men. Dirty things. Perhaps I shouldn't share –

April 17, 2011

Pegging Parts

Hello pets. Sunday afternoon, and I'm feeling mellow and a bit lazy. This has been a helluva week, and this is My first day of just chillin'.

Last night I visited a Dominatrix friend! Mistress and Her trans lady love shared a few recommendations... We were having a lengthy discussion about strap on harnesses, whether leather was better (those in the know, say not so much). My Mistress Ms. brought out Her custom fitted harness, made from vulcanized rubber. Sounds cool, hm?

Velcro, rivets, and sturdy as fuck. Also cleans up quick for the next adventure. I was impressed!

We need to go shopping dear reader, and I know JUST how I'll thank you for the custom harness! Lay back and think of England...

I'm in the mood for testicular flagellation... come closer..

March 29, 2011

Get ready for a big long one!!!

"Tuesday afternoooooon..." so the song goes. I'm awake, but feel like I'm shaking the dust off. Went to bed late as I am wont to do... My sleep is sometimes joined by ringing phones, desperate subs seeking an audience, Mistress -

Wouldn't change that for the world. I so love My work!

I've been playing with a sweet little man back East lately. He's a bit of a newb - hasn't had a chance to let his freak flag fly! Here he is, mid 40s, now finally trembling as the silk stocking goes over his tattooed and muscled leg, shaved for just this occasion. I took him on a wild 3 hour ride last week, after I sent him shopping for garters, stockings, booze.... and don't forget the toys!! He was cooing and talking about how beautiful I was, the moans of his lust were potent! We got him good and fucked up! When he called the next day, he remembered blips, yet he gasped as I told him what we discussed, with his guard down, how he told Me what he REALLY wanted!. Forbidden things. Filthy things...

I really like this boy, yet I see the cycle of this thing concluding. Now that he's let his Pandora's box blow open, I can hear it in his voice. He's ... freaked out. He's called a few times since our play sessions.. Now he's nervous, like a shaking fawn. I can almost hear his mind saying, "I can't believe I did that! I've been hiding this all My life and what the hell am I going to do now??"

He's not the first to hit such crossroads. This past year, I dated a submissive for a little while. He has a prominent job in the community (a writer, 20+ years). In his late 50's, he'd been hiding this desire to submit, to worship feet, most of his life. He had been married a very long time, however his wife and he, were no longer intimate. Mostly because? In that fucked-up-little-brain of his? He could only get hard, when he fantasized about being controlled and manipulated by a Woman.

He'd even gone to a few pro Dommes secretly, and became a regular at the strip clubs. This was a dark period for him. He just didn't know how to bring the two worlds together, in a way that worked.

We met at a BDSM play party, after his divorce, and his eagerness to please was palatable. After a while though, we both sensed there was no strong spark. Mostly because, in his words - he'd been pushing this desire in him down so long, he could not combine his shame, with dating a normal Woman who accepted and celebrated it. He's now dating a vanilla woman he met... from church. Which is one proof that - our need to assimilate is stronger than many other parts of us. (or possibly proof that, we just weren't that into each other). We still facebook, for what it's worth :)

I have a healthy respect for the desire to be normal. There's alot of privilege to be had with normal. Let Me just give you a window, dear reader. It's very possible to embrace your kink, be discreet, and still fit in with the best of 'em. I've been doing it for 5 years. The majority of people in My life? Don't know what I do for a living. They don't need to know. (that was a lesson hard won).

Many people are HIGHLY uncomfortable with BDSM. And amongst them? The submissives who call Me.

You're not alone little ones. You know where to find Me, when those urges we both have, purr into knowing...

March 13, 2011

Houseboy for Me

It's raining out, as per usual for this time of year. Got Me a BIG dose of sun last week, while darting between storm clouds. Even have a blister on one precious foot to prove it. Ah, to have you here to draw My bath, soothing herbs for sliding into water, then after you'd tended to My towels and massage (coconut oil is wonderful), we'd then get to the task of your daily lesson.

Of course the first being that while you are with Me, you're under My control. We've had our first encounters, listing kinky yes and no's… now you know the routine. Go to work in the fresh morning, back to your home here after work. Becoming naked as soon as you're home, then wearing an outfit I find particularly fetching. Perhaps soft panties for that round ass of yours. Or maybe something smaller...

You work, pay your bills, and we budget for the time. Everything extra belongs to Me. We revisit our tasks, you beg for more discretion, yet I keep you tightly reined in….

And with My portable PC limping, Goddess knows My posts here have been less frequent. Mistress will make you buy Me the fastest mean machine! I want a webcam for future conquests, I want to watch you when you're away….

And tonight, I have a special surprise -

February 19, 2011


I suppose I should feel more guilty, waiting a week or two in between updates here. Reaching for it… not quite in there (the guilt). * shrug * Figure it's in the nature of a blog. Occasional updates from the author. Yeah, you can suck on that, right?

Watching Pink in a new music video. She's one kick ass babe that makes Me curious. Athlete for sure, creative, strong. Would probably kick your ass. Yeah, she'd be fun!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day! Lots of sweets to partake of, and a few parties too. I'm not telling, too much… There's a tattooed woman involved, and she surprised Me with a peculiar piercing…

I need to hear you gasp. You know what to do!

January 30, 2011


Oh the sun is peeking out, and I can feel the house settle a bit with the warmth. There's a show on the tele called Pawn Stars (History Channel), about a Las Vegas pawn shop that clears mucho money, and very interesting bits of history. Muskets, buried treasure, other tidbits rare and unusual. One of the main characters, Rick, has been told he's too stressed out, and is squeezing a pair of stress balls. Apparently his doc thinks he's stressed.

Yes, squeezed balls and stress, do have a connection.

January is nearly over and my workout routine is in the slump. I need an injection of motivation and strength. I've seen a few big boys down at the gym that might take a little money for their time.

Would you be one of those boys? With you though, I'd make you do very different things, than a man hired to get Me hot, sweaty and firm….

January 13, 2011

Rub and shine

Got a call from a fellow on the east coast this morning. Was still dark on the west side, yet the sun was streaming into his windows, and warming up parts that usually are kept hidden. He'd snuck into work early and had the dirtiest desire. Jack wanted to rub one out all over his shiny work desk, right before anyone came to work. That would include his wife, whom he just happens to work with!

I crawled out of a warm bed and powered up My laptop, to watch the show unfold. We clicked into yahoo messenger and fired up his cam. I saw the warm light spilling over his massive hands, wrapped around a decent sized prick. He was so aroused and ready to go, I watched him pensively looking out the window, hoping no one would catch him (and secretly hoping perhaps, someone would).

Last time this boy and I chatted, he was so loud upon orgasm, I had to lift the phone off My ear! He's a screamer boys and girls!! This time he tripped a bit quicker, spilling all that frothy goodness on the shiny wood surface of his work desk. I made him lick it up while I watched, laughing a little. Such a pervert!

Bring your own brand of sexy, and we'll see if it pleases this Mistress...