February 23, 2009

Filling My patron with Patrón ....

Oh what an evening this Girl had last night. The weekend procession of perverts was going along typically, swimming in humiliations, sliding through the humbled and kneeling….

Then a little man who's called Me a few times in the past 2 years, decides he's up for a little forced intoxication. I remember him distinctly, even though we've only sessioned 3 times in the past. He likes a good long talk (2-4 hours), and has a distinct personality. Let's call him bob ;)

Bob wants to be told what to drink, how much to pound, only to arrive at a state of impairment, a place where he can be taken advantage of, and manipulated for whatever I'm in the mood for. And he was in a fun little mood. We forced half a 750 of Patrón Silver Tequila down that smooth throat of his!

Bob boy was so addicted and submissive to My mind and simmering giggle, he spent over 6 hours on the phone, offering Me that soft underbelly, and that oh so fat wallet! We found places to play that we'd yet to stumble upon in the past… and I'm setting him up on a 3 month plan, of tribute, and forced intox assignments! Beyond that though, he just loves the humiliation, willing to do ANYTHING I tell him to.

I love taking on pupils like this!

He also likes writing letters, handwritten letters, and receiving them too. I sometimes send birthday cards and little gifts to My faithful servants, because doting on those that worship Me, is very pleasing. Also there's something about a handwritten letter, the energy of the person, that gives the reader a bit of their soul. More personal than typewritten emails, so much more!

It's a little bit of affection, that. A poem, a thought on paper. Can't wait to get his little letter in the mail! I'm getting him fucked up later this week too – sent him to the liquor store and told him exactly what to buy, and how much he would be consuming, minimum, during our next late night encounter –

The beauty of My living, My slaves and this work – the variety, and that soft center down deep inside your husk. THAT'S the reward… That is the place, for Me!

February 15, 2009

Post Valentine's exhaustion!

Oh what a night Valentine's day was! Dancing, out til all hours with a close little friend (nay, I have not fucked him, but who knows, I might…). We ended up in a poh dunk little bar, singing a few karaoke songs, with an audience of maybe 6 people, and half of those, wait staff! My legs are still tired, although I'm sporting a smile –

My recent sale is over, and it was quite a bit of fun! Love rewarding faithful subs with a little price break now and then. Also brings in new clients who might want a chance to come up close, take a test ride, so to speak. And by then it's too late. They're bent over, with something huge up their bum moaning, how in the hell did that happen? Haha!

I think a little snooze is called for… Keep things juicy for Me!

February 3, 2009

Sore muscles and satisfaction $1.99 Sale

On a whim, I'm lowering My price to $1.99/minute. This will last until... it bores Me! Get it while it's hot little ones!

It's gotten a bit warmer out there this week, which makes this Mistress happy. I got 20+ miles in, hiking, walking and dancing, although not quite sure how to measure mileage with the dance factor (didn't wear the pedometer either on that one! Hahah). Had dinner made for Me by a recent boy toy bike boy, a few nights last week. He seemed very observant regarding what was firm on this fine form….

All those miles pay off hm? Haha!

Did a little updating on My foot fetish listing this week, after doing a special little photo shoot for a puss bump faggot that is denying himself for Me, even as we speak. Making him wear cotton panties to work too, and we just ordered him some princess panties due this week. Love humiliating that little urchin. Goddess knows, he won't be getting laid any time soon. No confidence, and no c*ck to speak of. Hand in hand hm? Or needle d*ck in hand….

Picked up a DVD of Mad Men season 1 tonight, as I've yet to see the first season, but the second season, impressed the hell out of Me. Getting wonderful reviews too – you need to check it out.

Call Mistress for a bit of dressing down. You need a little humiliation, admit it!