September 3, 2013

Come in, the night's warm, and something's brewing

September comes along and I think holy moly! Fall is here, and where did the summer go? I should have gotten to more national parks, coastal excursions… we still have a few warm weeks left before the chill settles in. Got plenty of outdoor dancing in! I think the universe gave us dancing for exercise, if we want it. I can go for hours, even until dawn, with the right music, and a few good dancers on the floor. Wonder what your company would be like at a dusky dance club, sitting at the booth, watching Me dance with a few different men. You, waiting patiently. I’ve instructed you on your tasks this evening. …

Today has been a work day for Me, in the midst of the Labor Day holiday. No rest for the wicked! Hehe Actually no rest for the self employed, more like. Some of My time is spent coaching you on Niteflirt, teaching self control, and how to be the best submissive for a Grrl like Me. Other times, I do mundane mental tasks, that would cause most to yawn. I like having both to balance the time.

I need stimulation on many levels.

Have you done something dirty this summer? I want you to tell Me…

You know where.

It’s late here, the stars are out, and I’ve got a few cravings to share.