December 6, 2013

Do you sometimes spend moments, pondering what animals and beasts around us, perceive?

How intelligent is the charming little ruffy hen across the fence, in my neighbor’s yard? How quick is the bird in the trees, swooping in quiet and quick, looking for a small snack, and perhaps a glance at you…

And then, there are the men.

Submissive minds can be a bit of a puzzle. Under it all, we want to be seen, accepted. And that moment when you get to relax and surrender to another’s arms…. Can be overwhelming and so welcome. It’s almost as if muscles that had long been tight were finally able to relax, release, and trust another’s warmth, surrounding you.

To Me, it feels like… the scent of a crushed flower petal. Something sweet, a scent released only when hurt in some way. I tend to use pain as a seasoning to a dish, rather than the main course. I do find it satisfying to know I’ve made My boy wince while I drove us deeper, into us.

I want to feel My teeth on your neck, tonight. Just a little pain, then no worries, I’ll catch you -